Guardians Worldwide Kenya ltd Safety Agency specializing in trips to Africa.
Was founded in the year two thousand for a "mal d'Afrique" plagued by the founder that begins to bring to market Kenya and Tanzania.Guardians Worldwide Kenya ltd enriched over the years its proposals with many other African countries only also including the South in recent years Africa, since even this country has become truly and completely African.
Guardians Worldwide Kenya ltd is emerging more as a leading destination, not only because it has remained true to the choice to plan trips only towards this continent, but mainly because beautiful and well organized that are always first tried and colludati directly by the team of young employees of which is formed the company.
Despite all logistical and structural difficulties that many countries of this continent are, they are safe travel and selected keeping in mind the needs of the international traveler. Trips are designed for those who want to know this wonderful continent in the best way, with the best services available in the most beautiful and interesting, and also very important, at fair prices!

The Guardians Worldwide Kenya ltd offers trips to Africa to 360 degrees: Group tours and customized trips, honeymoons, adventure travel worldwide dell'etnie and ancient African cultures, travel for families with children, solo travel and best safaris in 4x4.

Our specialization, it is true, are safaris and tours in Africa but we can not ignore that Africa is surrounded by beautiful and warm sea, for years we recommend ending a journey into the heart of Africa with a holiday on one of its fabulous beaches. We recommend you by so that now we feel safe to be able to offer not only extensions but also some real spa stays.